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Nick spent the rest of the day in a constant state of bewildered disbelief. Ever since he could remember, he craved the forbidden touch of his stunning older sister Rebecca. And today, at last, they did much more than touch! He could now close his eyes and clearly picture his thick, hard cock buried in his sister’s mouth and the wonderfully incestuous feeling of shooting his generous cumload down her tight throat as he roughly fucked her face. If the vision wasn’t so vivid and real, he would have thought it was only a fantastic dream.

Reality set in later that day when his niece Anna arrived home after volleyball practice. The selfie she sent him in the morning—of her laying on her bed, topless, in jeans with the front unzipped, showing a bit of pink panties—was just like alcohol: intoxicating, but bound to get him into trouble. He needed her to be more discreet.

He pulled her into his room, holding up his phone. “Anna, you cannot send me pictures like this.” He wasn’t angry, of course, but he felt the need to be stern.

She demurred. “Why not, Uncle Nick? It’s just a picture.”

“I know, but we, especially I, could get into a lot of trouble over this. You’re only a teenager.”

She protested, feeling more of a woman now that she had been with a real man. “I’m not just some stupid naïve girl. I know what I’m doing, and I wanted to send that to you.”

“I know, and trust me, I love it, but we just…need to be careful, ok?”

Anna was reluctant but deferred to her uncle. “Ok...” And after a moment, “but can you pick me up from practice tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

She smiled as she left his room to shower before dinner.

Dinner was usually a routine affair, with everyone somewhat blandly recalling the major (to the extent that they were) events of the day. But tonight, it was different. Both Rebecca and Anna were extra nice to Nick—perhaps a little too nice. And from across the dinner table, he could see the sparkling hint of lust in their eyes. His cock stirred in his pants thinking of his recent experiences with his sister and her daughter, but with her husband and son at the table, Nick tried to put those thoughts aside. Luckily, Rebecca worked at the school on Tuesdays, so he would have the house to himself tomorrow.

Nick had planned to hit the home gym hard first thing in the morning. But before getting out of bed, noticing a notification on his phone, he had to turn his attention to other matters.

Again, he had a DM from Anna. Annoyance mixed with curiosity flashed over him, which subsided when he discovered it was only a text message.

“I promise I’ll be a good girl. But I left you a present under my pillow. Have a good day, Uncle Nick!” followed by three grinning devil emojis. He pushed back the sheets and, only in his boxers, walked down the hall to his niece’s bedroom. The door was open. Her dresser was topped with volleyball and basketball trophies, medals, and ribbons. He inspected each, proud of her accomplishments, and then went to the head of her bed, and lifted the pillow.

There were her pink panties, rolled neatly into a little ball.

From Anna’s photo yesterday, Nick surmised that she had worn them all day, and he couldn’t wait to inhale their sweet scent. But as he picked them up, he quickly realized that they were soaking wet. Little did he know, but she had spent the entire early morning masturbating in her silky pink panties, thinking about her hot uncle, rubbing herself for hours over the top of her panties, pulling them up inside her wet pussy lips, soaking them with her juices, until she fingered herself to completion and used her panties to wipe up her oozing girl cum.

Without hesitation, Nick pushed down his boxers and reclined onto Anna’s bed. His dick was instantly rock hard as he first licked and sucked the delectable juices from her moist panties and inhaled them deeply. He was about to wrap them around his cock, when he looked down and thought, “these will feel a lot better after a good trim.”

He normally kept his pubic hair trimmed short, but there was no need for that type of grooming, or so he thought, until he recently started fucking his niece and getting blown by his sister. He went to the bathroom, trimmed the top of his bush down using a half-inch clipper, and carefully shaved his generously sized balls.

With that completed, he was back on Anna’s bed, her still-wet silky panties wrapped tightly around his cock shaft and freshly smooth balls, imaging the taste of her young, sweet pussy in his mouth. Of course, he didn’t have to imagine—he knew firsthand. He shot a thick load of cum all over his chest and abs, which he promptly wiped up with her panties and redeposited them under her pillow.

Later that day, as promised, Nick drove to pick up Anna from volleyball practice after an intense home workout and a long shower. Normally he didn’t have to wait, but today, he sat in the car for nearly 20 minutes before his niece emerged from the locker room. He immediately noticed that she had showered, dried and styled her hair, and changed from her normal sports bra and spandex shorts into a tight tank top and yoga pants.

And she was not alone.

Following behind Anna was her best friend, Eva. Even though Eva was in the grade below Anna (and in the same grade as Noah), Anna and Eva had played volleyball together since they were young, and they were nearly inseparable.

Eva was Asian—Filipina to be exact—and while Anna was tall and slender, Eva was more compact. She was a few inches shorter than Anna but had rounder hips and thicker thighs. Eva was an only-child and over the summer, while her parents were at work, she spent most of the day tanning nude in the backyard. Every inch of her skin was a deep, dark tan that shined from the coconut-scented lotion she applied daily. She was also freshly showered from practice, her dark hair dried and wavy, also in a tank top and tight yoga pants.

Nick recognized Eva immediately. Other than his niece’s, he spent the most time ogling Eva’s Instagram photos. She seemed to be the outgoing, goofy girl in their group of friends. The way she fully stuck out her tongue in photos certainly gave him some wild ideas.

Anna was glad to see her uncle waiting for them. She sat in the front seat as Eva sat in back, notably in the middle of the back seat so Nick could directly see her in the rear-view mirror.

“Hey Uncle Nick, I’m sorry we kept you waiting.”

He smiled back at her. “It’s no problem. Your coach must have really worked you today.”

“No, it was a normal practice. It just took us some time to get cleaned up.”

As the girls closed the car doors, the interior air was perfumed with a mix of their bodywash, lotions, and pheromones.

“You remember Eva, right Uncle Nick? She was at the house the night of the homecoming dance.”

Remember? How could he forget?! But he played it cool.

“Oh, right…Eva…how have you been?” His eyes met hers reflected in the rear-view mirror.

Her almond-shaped eyes were bright and lively. With a smile, “Pretty good, thank you.”

“Are you having dinner with us tonight?”

Anna interrupted, breaking the visual lock between Nick and Eva. “Um…no, Uncle Nick, I just need to go to her house to…uh…pick up some things for school. Can we stop by there on the way home?”

He sensed some deception from Anna but dismissed it.


He adjusted the rear-view mirror, not unintentionally catching an extended glimpse of Eva’s amazingly perky chest tightly packed in her tank top and, with her legs half open straddling the back seat, what looked like a generous young cunt hidden in her yoga pants. As his cock started to harden in his jeans, he adjusted the mirror back up, and drove off.

During the car ride, the girls mostly gossiped between themselves. It wasn’t until Anna started talking more about Nick that he listened more intently.

“My Uncle Nick has travelled all over the world and made millions of dollars. I wish I would have gotten to stay in his penthouse apartment in NYC.”

She was clearly talking him up for some reason.

Eva nodded from the back seat. “That’s so awesome! Both of my parents are only-children, and I’m an only-child. I really hate it sometimes. It’s just so lonely and depressing. I wish I had a cool uncle like you have, Anna.”

“I’ll share my Uncle Nick with you!” Anna blurted out.

He shot her a glance. She didn’t notice. But there was clearly some tension in the air.

He pulled the car into Eva’s driveway. She exited the back seat and walked toward the house. Anna would have followed behind, but Nick gently grabbed her arm before she got out.

“Anna, what are we doing here?”

“Like I said, I just need to pick something up for school. Do you want to come inside with us?”

“You…didn’t…say anything about us to Eva, did you?”



“I mean, I just told her that we, uh, hung out together that one time.”

His heart raced. “Hung out?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, she’s cool, she’s my best friend. I swore her to secrecy. Now do you want to come inside?”

“I think I should wait here.”

“Okay…” There was almost a teasing tone in Anna’s voice as she elongated the word.

Over the next 10 minutes, the dread Nick felt about anyone knowing about his incestuous relationship with Anna flowed and ebbed.

After another 10 minutes, dread slowly turned to annoyance. Where was Anna?

Another 10 minutes more and he grew impatient. He brusquely walked to the house, through the front door, and, not seeing anyone on the first floor, walked upstairs. Standing at the first door on the right, his jaw dropped.

Anna and Eva were on her bed, both completely nude, giving each other innocent kisses and running their hands lightly over each other’s taut, young bodies.

Nick took in the stunning view.

He was familiar with Anna’s body—her slender legs, flat tummy, fleshy pink nipples, and hairless ‘innie’ pussy.

Eva’s body was something completely new and different. Her tanned tone appeared even darker next to Anna’s pale white skin. Like Anna’s, Eva’s breasts were a perky handful, but her nipples were larger and a deep, dark brown. Her hips and butt were round and shapely. And like Anna, Eva kept her vagina completely shaved, although there was not much hair to remove. With her athletic thighs spread, her ‘outie’ pussy was on full display.

Both girls were already warm and moist.

Anna looked over to her uncle and smiled mischievously. “It’s about time you joined us.”

Eva smiled. “Hey Uncle Nick.” The way she called him ‘uncle’ stirred a host of erotic, forbidden urges within him.

He started to back out of the room, but Anna jumped off the bed and grabbed his hand. Her flawless body stood before him.

“Ok, Uncle Nick, I admit it, I told Eva everything about us. But she really wants to be with you too, and I told her you’d be cool.” It was now clear to him that the girls had planned this.

She ran her left hand up the side of his face, pulled down, and sweetly kissed his right cheek.

Nick’s heart pounded and he couldn’t stop staring at Eva. He knew he wanted her. All of her.

Sternly, he warned them both. “Nothing we do together goes beyond this room, understood?”

Both girls nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

Anna pushed her uncle’s shirt up over his head and the girls marveled at his chiseled pecs and abs. Eva walked over and started to undo his pants. The aggressiveness with which she pulled down his pants and boxers validated his hunch that she was the outgoing type. She dropped to her knees in front of him, his fully hard 8-inch manhood in front of her curious face.

Eva gasped and looked up at Anna. “It’s even bigger than you said it was!”

Anna reached down and, grabbing Nick’s penis by the thick shaft, guided it to Eva’s eager, wet mouth.

He signed as Eva licked his cock up and down, flicking her tongue all over it, almost giddily. She relished the chance to show off her skills and complete lack of inhibition in front of Anna. Eva wrapped her lips around his hard thickness and took more and more of it into her mouth. He locked onto her exotic brown eyes and nodded in approval. “Yeah, that’s it, baby girl.”

Slightly jealous, Anna dropped to her knees next to Eva, and the two teens took turns orally pleasuring Nick. Little by little, their drooling mouths coated his cock with drool. They were sure not to neglect his balls with delicate flicks of their tongues.

With a string of spit dripping from her chin, Eva stood and wrapped her arms around Nick’s neck and pulled his face down to hers for a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues flipped and rolled in each other’s mouth. He slid his hands down her sides, feeling her silky-smooth skin, and dropped them to her shapely ass, gripping it tightly in his hands. He could feel her large, dark brown nipples poking into his upper abs.

At the same time, Anna was really working her uncle’s cock with her mouth. Having not sucked it during their first encounter, she made up for the missed opportunity with gusto. Evidently deep-throating skill was an inherited trait, as, just like her mother, she managed to work his entire dick down her throat and licked at his freshly shaved balls.

Eva broke off their kiss and slid back down next to Anna. She was not to be outdone. She redirected Nick’s cock to her throat, taking it all down, and bounced her head back and forth.

He couldn’t manage to hold in his orgasm any longer. With one hand at the top of Eva’s head, he pushed her back, grabbed his cock with the other hand, and stroked it furiously. He groaned loudly as he shot 5 ropes of cum into Eva’s wide-open, tongue-flapping mouth.

As Nick’s orgasm subsided, he released his grip on Eva’s head, only for Anna to turn Eva’s face toward hers, greedily opening her mouth and wagging her tongue for Eva to feed her. He could only watch the erotic scene as the horny teen girls shared his generous cumload between their mouths, finally swallowing their individual share with satisfaction.

The girls looked at one another and giggled.

“That was so yummy.”

“You’re tasty, Uncle Nick.”

Looking down, he noticed that the inner thighs of both girls were shiny and wet. Animalistic urges took over him as he pulled both girls up and moved them back to the edge of the bed, where they laid on their back, side by side. He dropped to his knees in front of them. He expressed his appreciation to his niece by eating her horny pussy first. He pushed her legs up and open, and, after flicking his tongue around her hairless cunt, pushed his tongue inside, lapping up her juices, and teasing her clit. As he did, Eva reached over to play with Anna’s hardened pink nipples, rolling them in her fingers.

With Anna nearly to orgasm from his tongue deep inside her, Nick switched to Eva. Before diving in, he admired her delicate, yet throbbing, protruding labia. Like the rest of her, it was dark and seductive. And soaking wet.

Eva moaned almost uncontrollably as Nick devoured her fresh deliciousness. He sucked her swollen pussy lips, nibbled on her clit, and, like he did with his niece minutes earlier, fucked her cunt with his tongue. Eva held her own legs up and open, freeing Nick’s left hand to slide two fingers into Anna’s hungry cunt while using his right hand to further spread open Eva’s pussy flaps. Anna returned the delicate attack on Eva’s nipples, which had swollen to twice the size of Anna’s.

Looking down, Nick couldn’t resist pulling his tongue out of Eva’s pussy and flicked it down to her puckered asshole. At first, he lightly circled it with his drooling tongue, then flattened it against her asshole with his nose firmly pressed to her bald wet pussy. His deep moans into her sent intense vibrations throughout her sensitive holes.

Eva’s sweet juices flowed out of her pussy to Nick’s tongue pressed into her ass. Abruptly, she cried out, “Oh god please fuck me with your big cock.”

She didn’t need to ask twice.

He stood and slapped her soaked pussy lips with his cock. She squealed for it now in a crazed, higher-pitched voice. “Yeah, please, put it inside me, put it inside me, Uncle Nick!”

He didn’t ask if she was a virgin. He didn’t ask if she was on the pill. He simply pushed the entire length of his cock inside her like he knew she wanted.

He grabbed her ankles and slowly worked his man-sized cock back and forth in her girl-sized pussy. As she adjusted to the pain and pleasure, she grew more vocal.

She whined. “Mmm…fuck yes, oh god, yes!”

She begged. “Yeah, please fuck me more like that. Yeah, harder, Uncle Nick!”

But this girl wasn’t his family. He could do whatever he wanted with her. And he would. He would give her what she craved, what she was begging for, and more.

Anna started to rub Eva’s clit as Nick began his penile assault on her cunt. His smooth balls crashed down on her asshole. “Yeah, take that fucking cock, baby girl!”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it, you want this big cock deep in you, don’t you?”

Eva bit down on her lip as her pussy muscles gripped and pulled at Nick’s cock. He could have shot his load then and there but resisted. He had other ideas. Not so for Eva: her pussy creamed around his cock as she moaned out, fully orgasming with it completely stuffed inside her.

She quietly whined and moaned as he pulled out of her, her girl cum dripping off the head of his throbbing cock. He looked over to his niece. “Your turn.”

Nick grabbed Anna’s ankles, pushed them up, and easily entered her now-familiar cunt. He knew she was halfway to orgasm already, and when a recovered Eva reached over to rub Anna’s clit, he felt her hips push up and grind into him.

He wondered how well the girls knew each other’s bodies, whether they had explored each other’s delicate holes. Devilishly, Nick grabbed Eva’s leg, flipped her over on top of Anna, and pushed Eva’s dripping-wet pussy up toward Anna’s head. Eva took the cue naturally and rode her best friend’s face with her cum-leaking cunt. Anna gladly accepted and wagged her tongue as Eva rubbed her budding womanhood over her face.

And there it was again, in Nick’s plain view: Eva’s perfect ass. He had fantasized for years about fucking a hot Asian girl’s virgin ass. And he knew this was his chance with this insatiable Filipina. With his cock still inside his niece, he reached down under Eva’s hips, rubbed her dripping-wet pussy with two fingers, coated them with her girl cum, and brought them back to her ass.

He slowly worked one finger inside, all the way in, back out, again and again, and then adding a second.

Eva moaned in forbidden delight. “Oh god, yes, that’s amazing!”

Stimulating her ass made more and more of her pussy juices ooze onto Anna’s face. She assumed her best friend was enjoying her tongue, not her uncle’s fingers up the ass.

Eva reached behind her to roughly rub Anna’s swollen clit, and after a short time, Anna let out a deep moan, and climaxed with her uncle’s cock fully inside her. He kept it here as she rode out her intense orgasm.

His cock now soaked in sticky cumloads from two girls, Nick pulled his completely throbbing member out and leaned over to Eva’s ear.

“You know what I want now, right baby girl?”

She bit her lip. “Yeah…” She wanted it, too.

He grabbed her hips, roughly enough so she knew to submit, and pulled her down so that she now lay fully on top of Anna. Their faces met and, with Anna’s face smeared with Eva’s juices, they kissed deeply.

Nick lined his cock head up to Eva’s asshole, which was slightly opened from fingering her and slicked up with her own pussy juices. He felt full of lust and greed, but he didn’t want to hurt her. With his hands firm on her round hips, feeling her tanned, silky-smooth skin, he pushed forward until just his cock head popped into her ass, where he stayed until she adjusted.

Eva moaned. “Oh god, yes, fuck, yeah, in my ass.”

Anna now realized what was happening. Her uncle, who she loved, was about to violate her best friend’s ass. She was completely jealous, but she knew Eva wanted it. And setting up this encounter had been her idea, so she couldn’t be mad at unintended consequences.

Instead, Anna reached around, grabbed Eva’s round ass cheeks, and pulled them open, spreading them for her uncle.

She egged him on. “Fuck her ass, Uncle Nick, come on, fill her up!”

At that, Nick pushed inch by inch of his rock-hard dick into Eva’s tight, tender asshole. She would yelp, tense, and relax, and he would push more. And more.

His thick cock needed additional lubricant to fully enter her tight ass. Nick backed up slightly and, without warning, slid his entire cock back into his niece’s cum-drenched pussy. “That ought to do it,” he thought.

On his second attempt on Eva’s ass, his entire manhood was inside her and his closely trimmed pubes tickled her butt.

Nick knew he couldn’t last long, with a hole as tight as Eva’s ass wrapped around his cock, but he fully enjoyed every stroke. Anna dutifully held Eva’s ass open as he pumped his cock in and out. Her round butt cheeks bounced every time he pushed in.

He was close. In Eva’s ear, “You want this cum load deep in your ass, baby girl?”

High-pitched, needy, begging, “yes, pleeeeease!”

Nick took 20 fast strokes of his huge cock in her tight teen ass, hips crashing, thighs slapping, and unloaded every drop of cum from his balls into Eva’s young Filipina ass. His tempo slowed as he felt his cum slosh inside her bowels. He pulled out, she rolled off Anna, and lay on her bed with her legs slightly spread.

Anna rolled to her side and looked into Eva’s glazed eyes. “See, I told you he was an awesome uncle!”

She couldn’t speak. Her wildest fantasy had just come true. A real man had taken her anal virginity.

Nick leaned over Eva and lightly kissed her soft cheek. “That was beyond amazing, baby girl. Thank you.” She smiled widely.

Nick and Anna dressed and left Eva naked on her bed, with his cum dripping from her gaped ass, to bask in the glory she had just experienced. He looked back over his shoulder as he left the room and took a mental picture of Eva, lightly running her fingers over her gaped, cum-filled asshole—defiled, used, and completely satisfied.

They were in the car, about to back out of the driveway when, by surprise, Eva’s father, arriving home from work, appeared next to the car. Anna lowered her window.

“Oh…uh…hi, Mr. Rodrigo.”

“Hello, Anna. Is Eva home?”

“Um…I don’t think so. No one answered the door.” Nick was impressed by the ease with which his niece lied to her best friend’s father.

“Well, I’ll tell her you stopped by.” He walked up and into the house.

Nick and Anna looked at one another, their bond even stronger now. He wasn’t sure that Eva’s father would appreciate finding his daughter in the state in which they had left her. But then again, maybe he would…
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