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On March 8, we decided with a friend to make a "favorite" gift for ourselves – to go to the Czech Republic. We contacted the travel Agency "Around the World" and they picked up an excellent excursion program for us – "Prague Maximum" and on March 6 we flew to Prague. In 8 days we had to see all the sights of Prague, visit Karlovy Vary and Dresden.

The first thing we noticed was the kind trouble-free Czechs, with whom fate brought us together throughout the journey. Because we don't really (to put it mildly) speak languages, and it was necessary to get to the departure point of all excursions from different places (by metro, tram, but this is one of the advantages of the trip – you can see Prague and the surrounding area while you get to the designated place), everyone willingly suggested how to walk, get there, who can: gestures, half-Russian, half-English - never lost, got a lot of positive emotions.

Confectionery 1 Secondly, of course Czech cuisine – sausages, pork knee, ribs, sweets and real Czech beer, especially dark! We had a ticket with one breakfast, it was not difficult to eat at lunch and in the evening. Almost every hundred meters cafes, restaurants, menus in Russian, if there is no such thing, they will kindly tell you what you can try. One evening we had dinner at the Black Eagle cafe, the waiter politely served us, and finally brought us the book "Night Watch" all covered with wishes and thanks of Russian tourists and a newspaper clipping. He answered our dumb question that the author of the book Sergey Lukyanenko had lunch in this cafe, he was so delighted with the cuisine and service that he left a mention of this cafe in his book. We also left our autographs on the page of the book where the author remembers this place.

Tower 1 and most importantly, this fabulous Prague itself. Architecture of the 15th-18th century, everything is carefully preserved, magnificent houses, grandiose temples, churches, ancient castles - the spirit of medieval Europe - it's all worth seeing! Every day after the excursions, we walked around Prague at a leisurely pace: along the Charles Bridge drowning in the sunset rays, along the narrow cobblestone streets of the Little Country, looking at cathedrals, towers, squares, people, the astronomical clock in the Town Hall on the Old Town Square with moving figures of the apostles, reminding of the frailty of life. The contours of the courtyards and temples of Prague Castle, located on the Castle Hill, resemble a giant ship, one of the tourists exclaimed "I have a cultural shock from what I saw!" On Europe's oldest Charles Bridge – a diverse architectural structure – attract the attention of sculptures of thirty saints. Anyone who touches the statue of St. John of Nepomuk with his hand – a priest who was thrown off the bridge into the Vltava River because he refused to reveal the secret of the queen's confession to the king, can safely make any wish. According to the belief, it will definitely come true. We certainly did not pass by this custom. By the way, an elderly Czech came up to us unobtrusively on the bridge, and began to tell interesting stories about Prague, Charles Bridge, and related legends, in broken Russian, but so exciting and informative!

Another unforgettable trip to Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Dresden is located only 153 km from Prague, and this proximity of the cities to each other, as well as the interesting architecture of Dresden and the unique museums located in it, "seduce" this trip. It is much more expensive to travel to Germany from Russia on your own than to the Czech Republic, and visiting Dresden in one trip with a luxurious, but more cost-effective, Prague is an excellent compromise option.

The trip was successful — during the trip we visited two countries, made a shopping tour in Dresden, tasted various goodies, learned a lot of new things. I recommend it for those who like an active, informative vacation!

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