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What is the time it takes to walk a mile? Original post: Thu 11/11/2021 at 4:34 AM
Typically, adults walk at speeds of 3-4 miles per hour, which means they can walk a mile in around 15 to 20 minutes. There will be those who are faster than others, and speed can be determined by gender and age , as well as fitness level.

Are you able to calculate walking speed?

You might want to know how long the average distance to walk for a mile when you are planning a trip or day out, or are preparing for a sponsored run or marathon. can affect the amount of time needed to walk a mile. However, you can consider other variables such as gender, age, pace and general health.

The speed of walking varies according to the

This isn't the amazing nature of being able to walk two blocks with a toddler within three hours (so many cracks in walls you could see!)

Were you surprised to find out that young twenty-somethings are walking at a slower pace when contrasted with their older counterparts in the 30s and forty-somethings? This is true. Once we reach our fifties then our walking speed begins to slow to a crawl.

With a speed of just 2.1mph this would require an average 75-year-old about half an hour to walk one mile (28 minutes and 34 seconds) and a person aged 23 will likely walk at a speed of 3mph, taking only 20 minutes to walk one mile.

Speed of walking based on gender

Men walk faster than women in all age categories. They may have bigger legs. Maybe they are more likely than others to be late for something.

Tempo of walking based on pace

When calculating how many miles it will take to walk for a mile, there's a second factor you should consider whether you're walking, strolling or steaming along the street. If you are a fan of the air in the country then your pace will be slower than when you are concerned about not getting to the train.

Here are some numbers that represent various walking speeds:

Speedy 100-119 strides per minute/11 minutes per mile

Normal: 80-99 steps per minute or 15 minutes per mile

Relaxed - 60 to 79 steps per hour / 20 minutes for each mile

Check out the miles chart below for an estimate of how much time it takes to cover a distance walking at a normal easy or fast pace.

The final entry of our chart gives us the answer to the question "How many hours would the Proclaimers take to travel 500 miles?" The answer is approximately 125 hours (7500 minutes) when walking at a regular pace.
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