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What do stress has to have to do with Shingles? There are 0 replies:
What do stress has to have to do with Shingles? Original post: Thu 11/11/2021 at 6:46 AM

My experience with shingles has always been blamed on stress. However, experts are divided regarding the extent that stress may cause shingles according to research published March 17, 2017 in Clinical Infectious Diseases. What is more evident is that aging and a lower immune system are linked with shingles, according to the National Institute on Aging. The stress, as the story goes, could have lowered my immunity to allow the virus spread. Open Forum Infectious Diseases published the results of a meta-analysis on January 20, 2020 that suggested the presence of depression in your family history may increase your chances of getting shingles.

 After filling out my prescriptions and going to the doctor I didn't travel for a few days. I was as David Bowie, with a lightning bolt running across his face. However, I was still not completely normal. The rash wasn't always unbearably painful, but there were frequent moments of pain that signaled that my nerves were not my own. The worst part was that I couldn't walk outside without sunglasses and bangs down, the sun's rays created an uncomfortable stabbing sensation on my forehead. It almost made me giggle as I was desperate to get away from the light of the day similar to Twilight.

 While I confessed that I was worried but I am also a tough person. This makes my anxiety even more shameful. Although I liked the possibility to relax in bed like Proust and read some of my childhood favorite books however, it was a chore so after a while. The medication was working and I was able to live my life. After approximately a week, i was back to myself -thankful and thankfully.

 It's easy to make healthy, quick lunches that are safe for diabetics using just some information and these easy recipe ideas.

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