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All inside the family Part 1 Original post: Tue 12/7/2021 at 1:12 PM
All inside the family Part 1
by seatrain

Fiction, Hardcore, Incest, Masturbation, Mature, Teen Male/Teen Female, Voyeurism

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Posted Sun 11th of June 2006

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Lisa stumbled into her house after being at work all day. Earlier her and her friends stopping for a drink, her younger co-workers trying to cheer her up, they knew she was down. The big "FOUR O" was comming up fast ,she thought. She hasn't had sex in about 6 months,at least with another person! She was horny ,depressed and ready for another drink. She noticed that the house was a little quiet, then remembering she had told the kid's that she would be late tonight, but her late night plans had changed. She figured that they must have went to a friends house. All she was thinking about now was a drink and a nice hot tub!
The tub was warm and comfortable,drink in hand and the lights down low.After taking a sip, Lisa slowely strokes her hand up and down her belly ,remembering the times when her and her husband were having sex. For her age she was still a very sexy woman. 5ft 7 135lbs.Long dirty blond hair with deep green eyes,and a sexy body that she always took care of. She felt she was in a rut ,why she couldn't get any cock, she didn't know. Maybe she was to involved worrying about the kids, that she was sending out signals she wasn't available! Her mind now in a deep relaxing slumber,she is quickly brought to her sences,she hears something! Sounded like a door. The kids must be back ,she figures. She sits quitely. Its very quiet. Now she gets a little worried. " I hope it's the kids" she say's to herself. She quitely get's up and put's on her robe not bothering to dry off the soapy water. With an empty glass in hand, she figures for a weapon if need be, she slowely opens the door and looks out. She hears what sounds like voices coming up from the basement, her sons room. Her husband had converted the basement into the boys room before they had split up.
Down the stairs she quietly go's. She stilll can't make out what is being said. She kinda hopes it's some of his good looking guy friends. In the back of her mind she thinks maybe she could slip them a peak of her tits. She get's to the bottom of the stairs,and notices the door is sightly open. Now she hears a female moaning quitely. Now she knows he must be up to no good with a girl from school! Her mind started to race, thinking. If nothing else she get's to her son having sex. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she went to peek in the door.Sure enough there was Tom on his back with a girl on him, moving her ass up and down. Impaling her self on his cock. Her mouth went dry, and her hand came up to rub her tits. She just couldn't take her eyes off the girls ass pounding down on her sons cock! She thought his cock looks so big and fat as it parted the pussy lips of the girl.Now the girl changed the tempo and sank down on his cock and started to roll her hips forward and backwards very quickly! His hugh balls were really getting a working over now! His hands were rubbing the girls small but firm tits, His head is rolling back and forth on the pilow and he was moaning louder. Still inpaled on his cock, the girl turns around so he can watch the shaved pussy that was fucking him!
Lisa looks in shock!! She was so into looking at the cock going in and out of the girls wet pussy, that she didn't even notice! It was her daughter Witney!! She almost drops her glass and ducks out of site."OH MY GOD" she thinks.Now she's breathing heavy and her heart is really pounding."What do I do now". But she notices that her nipples are straining to get out of her robe,and her pussy is throbbing! She puts her hand on her pussy and it is soaking wet. She rubs her clit and waves of pleasure flow through her like ripples on a lake. She can still hear them fucking just feet away. Now she's thinking "I want some of that" She opens her robe and peaks back into the room. Her daughter's hands are on his ankles, her long blond hair hanging over her face, and her hips rolling on the cock thats deep inside her belly! Lisa is playing with herself, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit. Witney looks up to see her mom fucking her fingers. Witney starts to fuck the cock faster, getting off on what she see's. She's now pounding her brothers cock like it was the last fuck for all mankind! She's cumming all over the cock thats deep in her belly! With this Tom can no longer take it, and unloads his creamy load in spurt after spurt of cum into her wet cunt! Lisa drops to the floor, cumming all over her hand. She couldn't remember the last time she came like that! Tom's cock still in his sister pussy was twitching and dribbling cum into her orfice. His cock wasn't getting soft, and he still dosen't know that his mom saw the whole thing!
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