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The last year my life has turned into a sweet nightmare. I live with my beloved wife, we have dinner together, sometimes we have breakfast, sometimes we go to bed, we go to premieres, but... we don't have sex, or rather, she has it regularly, but I don't. My wife also forbade me to meet on the side. I work from morning until late at night, I earn money, and I have to spend all the accumulated energy on getting money, which my beloved has fallen in love with so much. She felt this effect and ... closed me literally put a chastity belt on me, which I myself bought at her request. For a whole year I wear a chastity belt, I forge money all day long, and only in order to somehow keep my wife with me, with whom I have been passionately in love for more than 18 years. And she, she has a lover, and even more correctly, a call boy, who, according to her, knows how to feel a woman and let her feel a real man. My wife did not give me a choice, and I had to accept it, because the very thought that I may lose her forever, that I will not even occasionally be able to see her much — loved features, smile, ringing laughter, wonderful figure, divine legs of my wife-I am seized with horror. The reason for everything that happened was banal-sex, or rather, we can say the complete lack of sex with my wife. For several years she endured, and I struggled with my illness — rapid ejaculation, I struggled, and she endured, until her patience broke, and my wife told me that she wanted, really wanted a Man, and not "a rapid-fire with a small dick," as she put it. But I loved her and continue to love her, I am ready to do anything for her, and therefore, desperate, I began to look for a replacement myself. There was only one condition — the wife enjoys her lover to her heart's content, but I am still her husband, at least formally.

Her Man became a "call boy", I had to call and pay for the services of this young man. A young man, coming in businesslike, took $ 300 in advance, asked where he could take a shower and without looking at his wife immediately went to the shower. After 18 minutes, he came out completely naked, asked where the "object of the meeting", as he put it, I pointed to my wife's bedroom. The guy silently and confidently entered the bedroom to my beloved wife, opened a condom that appeared from nowhere, pulled it lightly massaging on his big and strong peg, and in a few seconds was ready to satisfy my wife. I envied such professionalism. Approaching his wife, he also masterfully massaged first with his hand, and then with his tongue her pussy and clitoris and, feeling that my wife was ready, entered her, simply, calmly, businesslike. I saw the generic e.d. pills of my wife wrapped around the waist of a young man and the rhythmically contracting and unclenching elastic buttocks of the rounded shape of my wife's lover. The whole scene lasted a little less than an hour, the wife moaned slightly and periodically discharged herself with loud moans and screams, not letting go of her young and long-desired lover.

I knew, but I had long since forgotten, that this was how she came. In total, I counted six orgasms, after which the young man also finished. He finished long and violently. Then they both fell on the bed. There were still a few paid minutes left. I told the lovers about this, and the wife, deciding not to waste time in vain, wrapped her lips around her young lover's penis, which was beginning to swell again, and just as rhythmically swallowing deeply into the very throat and, after, sticking out of it so that she only touched the tip of the head with her lips, pleasured her young master's penis. In this way, she clearly wanted to thank her Man for such a generous pleasure. This lasted for the remaining few minutes, after which the young man, taking his penis out of my wife's mouth, finished well, literally pouring his sperm over my beloved wife's face and chest. Then my wife's lover got up completely indifferently, went to the bathroom, asked me for a fresh towel, and after eighteen minutes, dressed and without saying a word, went out the door. My beloved wife was lying in bed, clearly continuing to experience pleasure from meeting Such a Man. The bliss did not leave her for some time, after which, she raised herself slightly only languidly, with a breathy utterance with lips stuck together from the lover's sperm: - This is a Man! - And again tipped her head back on the pillow. On the face of her beloved, a happy smile froze.

- Dear-oh-y! - after a while, my wife turned to me, smearing the sperm of the departed lover on her face with her finger-dear, I want this boy every day!

- But... - I tried to argue, - it's expensive...

— I will divorce you if you don't give me what I want, and I want this male, this insatiable and hot fucker, so no one could ever fuck me! I want it every day and I don't care how you do it! he fucks so that everything is still shaking and burning, I'm still wet from such a fuck, and you're talking about some money to me... - my love cried out capriciously, licking her Man's sperm from her finger.

The next day I ordered this gentleman again for my wife. Everything was as usual, only this time the wife sucked much longer, smacking his big and strong cock with pleasure. The next day, the wife immediately after the shower put the guy in a chair, knelt in front of him and began to suck all the paid time. At this time, while my wife was sucking him, the guy asked me a couple of times to bring something to drink, then asked me to make him some kind of sandwich, since, according to him, there are a lot of calls and he even has no time to have a snack. This gave me an idea and, saying goodbye at the door, I offered him my services as a personal driver, in return I asked for discounts on the service of my dear and beloved wife. At first, we agreed on $ 100 per hour for my wife's sex service, although this also turned out to be an unaffordable amount for me for daily sex. Then I offered to take on all his household problems, and in return, once a day for an hour, he would have to satisfy my wife. He said that he was losing his earnings, but after thinking and calculating how much time and effort cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning his rented apartment (the guy turned out to be a visitor), and even taking a bath after a "hard day", he decided to take advantage of my offer. With his work, he needs to take care of himself, be always in shape and not be distracted by trifles. Thus, I became, in fact, the servant of my wife's lover, whom I hired.

So several months passed. I managed to serve my wife's lover and still earn my daily bread, my wife was still whimsical, demanding and capricious to her life, which also required no small effort on my part for the appropriate maintenance of my wife. With the appearance of a new man in her life, she began to monitor her appearance and toilet even more, which required a considerable amount of money. However, over time, my wife's young lover gradually began to hack and negligently perform duties for the sexual satisfaction of my dear wife. Sometimes, without going into the shower, he immediately fell into a chair and his wife diligently gave him a blowjob while I fed and watered with ed meds online. After that, he began to stay with us for the night, of course, with my wife, which she was incredibly happy about, but I was given a place in the kitchen. And once I came with a noisy and drunken group of peers. I was told to put on a white shirt and a bow tie and serve their party, my wife cooked their food, washed their glasses, dishes, and so on. When the party came to an end well after midnight, my wife was told to stay in the kitchen, and I was told to stand with a tray and a towel at the door, in case someone needed something at night. He went to bed with two well-drunk girls. One of them did not run to the toilet at night, threw up my suit.

Even after such a nightmare, the wife would not hear of giving up such a lover. Out of anger, she ordered me to buy a chastity belt, apparently she wanted to take revenge on this "Man of her Dreams" in my face, and so I still wear it without taking it off. The guy visits his wife, but not every day and reluctantly performs sexual duties, mostly his wife just sucks, and he, sprawled in a chair or on the couch, just rests. I continue, so as not to scare him off at all, because his wife idolizes him and is ready to just suck and lick his toes (which she does) if only he would at least periodically come to her, I continue to zealously and zealously perform the duties of a servant for my wife's lover, for every mistake or fault he deprives his wife of one date, and this affects me, I am forbidden even to masturbate. That's how we live.

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