Welcome to the Child Life Program web site. We have designed this site to enhance communication between Bank Street College, site supervisors in New York & New Jersey area hospitals, and our graduate students who are in fieldwork.

Through this site, up to date program documents and supporting information will be at your fingertips. The site will also provide visitors with the ability to upload and share documents that work for them (checklists, tally forms,etc.). It is our hope that supervisors, faculty and students alike will use this site to bridge communication on all levels.

Although each hospital is its own unique environment, we aim for as much standardization and unity as possible in the quality of internships our students participate in. We are always open to improvement and growth, and invite input from supervisors, faculty and students alike.

This website provides the following resources.

  • Our program documents, including the agreement between student interns and site supervisors (formerly referred to as the contract), all evaluation forms, and a sample intern assignment checklist, are all downloadable. If you have a particular form for chart notes, census assessment and prioritization, or journal entries that you use in your hospital, we encourage you to upload it as an example, so that other sites can have access to what works so well for you.
  • The weblinks section provides access to some useful articles on supervision. If you have links to articles or websites that you find helpful, please let us know and we will add them to the site. We also provide a direct link to the Child Life Council and Child Life of Greater New York websites, so that you can download the internship hours verification form and other useful documents.
  • The Bibliography section lists additional references such as books and journal articles.
  • The Child Life Program Discussion Groups provides members with the ability to share thoughts and questions with each other. Please be reminded that these discussion groups are accessible to students, faculty and site supervisors