Capture Text, Images, and Web pages

Hold down shift-option and type the number 4.
Your cursor will turn into a crosshair.
Click and drag a rectangle across the area you wish to keep.
Your picture will be on your desktop titled Picture 1, Picture 2, etc.
You can open it or drag it into iPhoto.

Quickly make a slideshow without iPhoto

Select the images you want in the Finder
Press command-o, or get the Open menu item from the File menu
The images will open in a single window with Preview
Arrange them and select "Slideshow" from the Tools menu


Use this little Mac application to easily resize a group or folder of photos by pixel dimension or percentage, just by dragging and dropping.
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Rename entire folders of files with a single name followed by sequential numbers. Great for changing a hundred photos starting with "DCIM000..." to starting with "Bermuda Vacation..."
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Web Tutorials and Documentation

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