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sex while pregnant Is it safe or should I avoid it? There are 2 replies:
sex while pregnant Is it safe or should I avoid it? Original post: Mon 8/16/2021 at 3:50 AM

Sex or sex is a big issue for us. And it's not just for reproduction. but also a profound physical expression between lovers. What about the couples who are about to have an heir together? In fact, sex while pregnant Will it harm the baby in the womb? We have prepared the answers for everyone in this article.

Will the child be harmed at the climax?
Many mothers may know that we can have sex during pregnancy, but if worried about the contraction of the muscles and uterus. As the mother reached the peak Will cause harm to the unborn child or not. The medical data now clearly states that Mother's Orgasm There is no danger to the unborn child in any way.

pregnant sex Will it stimulate labor pains or not?
There is medical evidence that The father's penis hitting the cervix including the ejaculation of semen during sex can stimulate the cervix to produce a chemical called Prostaglandin (Prostaglandins) This substance can soften the cervix. and stimulate the uterus to contract but even so The substance that was created was not enough. causing the mother's stomach pain But it may happen in the event that the mother is close to giving birth.

sex while pregnant Will it feel like when you're not pregnant?
When there is a pregnancy, there will be more blood supply to the organs than usual. This causes swelling in different areas of the body such as swollen face, swollen legs, including the vagina. But it may be difficult to notice. and that the vagina has a lot of blood This will make your mother feel faster and more sexual during sex.

including the breast area will be sensitive to your father's touch It will also feel The vagina is lubricated better than when not pregnant. Because pregnant women will have more vaginal discharge than normal people. called having Sex while pregnant may feel even better than usual.

Are condoms necessary?
If the relationship between father and mother It's the only pair that doesn't freak out. Condoms are not necessary. but if not It should be worn to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. that may affect both mother and child better


- During the new pregnancy, mothers should avoid sex because most mothers tend to have morning sickness, dizziness, easy fatigue.
- Very close to giving birth, mothers should avoid having sex as well. Due to the mother's body during this period is quite large, having sex during pregnancy. During this period, it may be more tiring than usual. In addition, having sex near birth can cause the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby to rupture or leak. causing amniotic fluid to flow out before birth pain This will put the mother at risk of infection into the uterine cavity.
- Mothers who have had a miscarriage or preterm birth You should refrain from having sex throughout your pregnancy. Because it may cause repeat problems.
- Mothers with placenta previa should absolutely refrain from having sex. Because it may stimulate excessive bleeding that can be dangerous.
- When the tummy grows a lot, mothers should avoid postures that are expected to be dangerous. Especially the position where the husband has to press on his wife's belly. because it may suffocate and be dangerous to the child

When should you avoid having it? sex while pregnant
having sex during pregnancy You must keep an eye on these symptoms as well. If any of these symptoms occur It's better to avoid having sex first.

- Bleeding from the vagina for unknown reasons
- There is amniotic fluid coming out.
- open cervix
- Placenta previa in the cervix
-Have a history of preterm birth
- have twins

After giving birth, when can I have sex?
After giving birth, mothers should refrain from sex for about 3-4 weeks as this is the time when the cervix is ​​closed. and the bleeding stops But if not, it is advisable to use oral sex. Or outside sex is probably best. Although having sex during pregnancy is safe, having sex with caution and proper It will be good for both the mother and the unborn child.



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Re: sex while pregnant Is it safe or should I avoid it? Posted: Sun 8/22/2021 at 6:37 AM, in reply to guest guest

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