Learning Through Collaboration

We are pleased to welcome you to Learning Through Collaboration, a shared website for educators from schools and colleges in New York, USA and in India.  We welcome participants to this website who are interested in sharing information, their interests, projects, research and papers on the issues facing educators worldwide in the 21st century.  We have a particular focus on ensuring that in addition to excellence in subject areas, our students will develop an ethic of care for the environment, their cultural heritage, and will learn how to foster the link between them for the sustainability of our world through interdisciplinary approaches. We offer an initial collection of papers, articles, and resources that have already been posted for your use.  We look forward to adding your contributions as this project develops. Please join us and welcome to Learning Through Collaboration.   
     Respectfully,   Professor Roberta Altman, raltman@bankstreet.edu
                             Dr. Kiran Gera,   gerajkiran@yahoo.com