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Buy acnh bells: Tips to net rare fish to get the highest rates in New Horizons Animal Crossing There are 10 replies:
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Buy acnh bells: Tips to net rare fish to get the highest rates in New Horizons Animal Crossing Original post: Tue 3/23/2021 at 7:32 AM

Like in the real world, rarer fishes fetch higher market prices, thus allowing you to make huge amounts of money in the process. But sighting such rare breed fishes can be difficult although you may be aware of the correct place and time. It also requires some luck to shine to catch them. The reason is because rarer fishes are more skittish when it comes to biting the lure. You can buy animal crossing bells with the earned money in New Horizons.


Some rules to follow to sell rarer fishes in this game

When you plan to buy animal crossing items or sell rarer fishes, you are to follow some set rules to make the most of it.

  • If the plan is to make lots of money, then you need to scan the sea continuously. It is at this location, you can sight expensive large fishes. The coastal areas are the best place to be including the pier area.
  • Lures might not increase your chances. On the other hand, they might force the fish to emerge in some unusual locations like the pier. This can help save some time in waiting.
  • Fishes with fins might mean a shark and a type of fish that can be spotted ahead of catching.
  • Rain might not necessarily increase chances of certain fish types or their numbers. But rains do make fishes like Coelacanth to appear, thus providing additional incentive to scan the coast. You can find more tips on how to buy acnh bells and enjoy the game.
  • Mystery islands boast of having higher fish spawns when compared to your island. Although it has a random layout, some may have river cliff and others with spawn trash to catch. Hence, you should visit certain locations to enjoy better catch, especially by using the ‘scaring’ technique.
  • Besides the known factors like time of year, day and island location, it requires luck to find rare fishes. This means, you need to fish continuously to increase your chances to get rarer ones.


Which fishes sell for high prices?

You can find this information and much more at! Some fishes are in huge demand and can sell about 15,000 bells each. But your focus should be more on catching them instead of imagining those money opportunities. It requires a lot of dedication and research to find Butterflies and Tarantulas. But fishing is much easier and also quite lucrative. Some of the popular rarer fishes found in the game are given below:

  • Oarfish: It fetches around 9,000 bells. But you will only stumble upon this fish by accident in the sea between the months December and May. With the money earned, you can buy acnh items.
  • Football Fish: It fetches around 5,000 bells. You need catch this breed at sea between the months November and March, around 4 to 9 pm.
  • Blue Marlin: It fetches around 10,000 bells and can be caught between the months of July to September and November to April. You can find such fishes at the pier also. Hence, while passing by, give a quick glance or use fish baits.

You should visit the company website to know the details of other rarer fishes like Golden Trout, sharks, etc.

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