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Welcome to Cozy Tiling, Auckland leading tiling company. We are providing top-notch residential and commercial tiling services that meet all of your tiling needs. Our company has been well-known for excellent tiling services for over 10 years. Our Auckland tillers are fully trained professionals, qualified and up to speed with the latest tiling trends and innovations.

Cozy Tiling is leading commercial tillers in Auckland. With 24/7 operation management, our Auckland local tillers always ensure all the projects are completed on time and within budget.

And we continue to meet customer demands by providing a tiling service that combines high-quality tiles, adhesives, and grouts with industry-best practices.

Cozy Tiling is also leading residential tillers in Auckland by providing both high-end interior and exterior tiling services for houses across Auckland. Our tillers in Auckland can do any tiling job from fixing grout or loose tiles to renovating a bathroom and kitchen. Every part of tiling projects is always performed with the highest accuracy.

We provide our customers with competitive tiling rates that includes wall and floor tiling, underfloor heating, waterproofing, bathrooms tiling, entrance tiling and swimming pool tiling.

Why should you work with us


We commit to provide you high-end tiling products with 5 year workmanship warranty. Our company also carries the Public Liability Insurance.

Working with Cozy Tiling, Auckland tiling company, you are covered of course by Consumers Guarantee Act.

• All tiling job done by Cozy Tiling will be carried out in accordance with BRANZ current regulations.

• Tiling job will be done in an appropriate and skillful way

• Tiling job will be done in accordance with plans and specifications, where they’re supplied

• Tiling materials used or supplied will be good and suitable for the purpose for which they’re used

Additionally, we are professional partners with Tile Depot, Tile Max, Technokolla and Tile Warehouse that allows us to buy high quality tiles at a discount; thus save a lot of money for our customers.

Cozy Tiling has been received strong customer feedback as our focus is building best customers service and best tiling services. Cozy Tiling is proud to have friendly local tillers who communicates well and attend to customers’ tiling needs. Our Auckland tiling staff is always here to guide you through every step of the tiling process. If you are worrying about how to renovate your bathroom or fix loose tiles, we are more than happy to explain to you the process clearly before starting the job.

We pay close attention to all the involved details and the quality of work. We respect your property as much as you do.


If you are looking for COOL TILERS who make your LIVING SPACE COZIER, contact your Cozy Tiling, your tilers in AUckland now.



Brand: Cozy Tiling

Địa chỉ: 8/8 Shackleton Road, Mt Eden 1024, Auckland

Hotline: 0211472466



Facebook: :

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Re: Cozy Tiling Posted: Sun 10/3/2021 at 1:16 PM, in reply to guest guest


I like cozy tiling, and if there's more information about this tiling service, let me know. I have an installation of flooring task that I need to get done, and these guys can help me out.


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Re: Re: temporary handicap parking permit Posted: Mon 10/4/2021 at 4:25 AM, in reply to guest guest

California Handicapped Parking

You may not think misusing a handicapped parking placard is a big deal. After all, it is not a violent crime and you may not think you’re hurting anybody. However, misusing a handicapped parking placard is taken very seriously in the state of California. In addition to fines, a conviction can result in jail time and a criminal record. If you or a loved one is facing a charge for misusing a handicapped parking placard, we urge you to hire an experienced Wallin and Klarich attorney to fight for you. In the state of California, a handicapped parking placard is recognized as a blue placard with a white wheelchair symbol issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. A handicapped parking placard can be prescribed by a medical doctor, a nurse practitioner, a certified nurse midwife, a physician’s assistant, a chiropractor or an optometrist. The misuse of a handicapped parking placard is also known as handicapped parking fraud. For example, your mother is disabled and has a valid temporary handicap parking permit.

You use your mother’s car (which has the handicapped parking placard) to go to the store for her while she stays at home to rest. You can’t find a parking spot so you park in a handicapped spot for 10 minutes while you are in the store. You can be charged for handicapped parking fraud under Vehicle Code Section 4461. High-volume areas where the misuse of handicapped parking placards is common include mall parking lots, college campuses and business districts. These laws do not apply for people who actively transport disabled persons. What are the Defenses to a Handicapped Parking Fraud Charge? The most effective defense to a handicapped parking fraud charge is if you were actually transporting a disabled person at the time of your arrest. For example, you are driving your mother who has been issued a handicapped parking placard to the store. You drop her off at the front of the store and then park the car in a handicapped parking space. Because you were transporting a disabled person (it does not matter that you were alone when you parked), you cannot be prosecuted for handicapped parking fraud.

What is the Punishment for a Handicapped Parking Fraud Conviction? Depending on the circumstances of your case, handicapped parking fraud can be charged as an infraction or a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor conviction is punishable by up to six months in county jail and the same fine. Depending on the circumstances of your case, an arrest for misusing a handicapped parking placard can result in additional charges. Acquire, possess, sell, or offer to sell as genuine a counterfeit handicapped parking placard. Under California Penal Code Section 4724, it is illegal to forge or possess a fraudulent public seal, including one that appears on a validly issued California DMV handicapped parking placard. Depending on the circumstances of your case and past criminal history, forging or possessing a fraudulent public seal can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Under California Vehicle Code Section 205, it is illegal to knowingly make a false statement or knowingly conceal any material fact in a registration document that you file with the California DMV. This includes an application for a handicapped parking placard.

Under California Vehicle Code Section 316, it is illegal to provide false information to a peace officer. This includes providing a peace officer with a forged or counterfeit handicapped parking placard or claiming that another person’s handicapped parking placard is your own. If you or a loved one is facing a charge for misusing a handicapped parking placard, it is critical that you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Wallin & Klarich, our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in defending persons charged for all types of misdemeanor offenses. Our attorneys will fight to get you the best possible outcome in your case. With offices in Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Torrance, Tustin, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, West Covina and Victorville, there is an experienced Wallin & Klarich Southern California criminal defense attorney near you no matter where you work or live. Call us today at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245 for a free phone consultation. We will be there when you call.

The person with the disability does not need to be in the car in order for this to be a legitimate act. What is a disabled person placard? A disabled person placard (“DP placard”) is a large blue tag that hangs on a disabled person’s rearview mirror. What types of handicapped placards are available? A permanent placard is available to someone with a permanent disability.20 It is valid for two years and expires on June 30 of every odd-numbered year. There is no fee for a permanent DP placard. Once issued, recertification by a medical professional is not required and it does not need to be renewed. The DMV will automatically mail a new placard to the address it has on file. These are especially useful when traveling within the state in someone else’s car or when renting a car within California. Non-California residents with a permanent disability can obtain a travel placard for use within California at no charge. The date noted by the certifying medical professional on the application. What are DP license plates? California disabled parking license plates (“DP plates”) work the same as a permanent disability placard.

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